Confirmation update

We will begin sign up on Sunday February 8, 2015 at 11:00 am. All children being confirmed must be registered

Reconciliation retreat at Holy Rosary will be held on Feb 20, 2015 from 6 to 8 followed by confession in the church. All candidates must attend confession before being able to be confirmed.

Confirmation date is May 3, 2015 at the MTS centre ceremony starts at 1:00pm

Development and Peace Launches Fall 2014 Education and Awareness Campaign

This Sunday, November 9, 2014, Development and Peace launches its Fall Education and Awareness campaign titled “Sow Much Love” in response to the continuing privatization and genetically modification of seeds by multinational corporations, to the detriment of small family farmers throughout the world.
D & P invites you to raise your voice in your parish, your local school, your community, as well as with your elected officials, to show your support for small family farmers and their right to seeds.
Check out the D & P table at the back of the church and sign the petition calling on our Members of Parliament to respect the rights of small family farmers to save, reuse, preserve, and share their seeds which feed the world. Seeds are part of creation and are for the common good, they should not be owned by multinational corporations.
Thanks to our parishioners’ energy, wisdom, and commitment to justice, Development and Peace will be able to continue to raise its voice to fight the injustices that cause global hunger. Together, we can make a place at the table for all of the members of our human family.
For more information check out the website

Catechism Update

Catechism Classes begin Sunday September 21, 2014 at 11:00 AM


Online registrations are an easy and quick way to register your child for this years program.  You can make payment using credit card or pay-pal.


In person registration can be done on Sunday August 24 and 31 as September 7 and 14 2014 in the church hall from 10:30 to noon. Please consider early registration to avoid delays on the first day of classes.


Development and Peace Share Lent Campaign 2014

As the Lenten period comes to an end, Development and Peace reminds us the faithful, to make our annual donation, for those who have not done so already, to support its urgent development needs abroad.
Donations made by Catholic churches across Canada at this time of year, allow Development and Peace to support more than 200 partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Ten percent of the Share Lent collection goes to help people living in emergency situations such as the Philippines and other disaster areas. The reminder will focus on long term reconstruction and development, to build a world of justice, particularly in strengthening grassroots social movements, peace-building and addressing the special needs of women and children. Together we can build a more just and sustainable food system for our human family. We ask that you use any envelope directed to Development and Peace, with your name and address, so that a taxable receipt can be issued.
Thank you for your generous contributions. Your gifts to Development and Peace today, on this Palm Sunday, given in love, will grow wisely in the hands of our partners. In solidarity, we can help peace and justice grow, and ease hunger and despair amongst the world’s poor.

Catechism dates

Here is an update of important dates

Note: Confirmation dates are not yet known. Once the Archdiocese confirms the dates, you will be advised. Check the bulletin and church website for updates.

March 2 First Communion information session 11:00am to noon

March 9 Confirmation information session 11:00 am to noon

March 15 First Communion Reconciliation 10:00am

March 16 Sacrament sign up 11:00am to noon Each Sunday to End of April (except Easter Sunday)

March 23 to April 13 (Sundays only) in person registration for 2014/2015 (online also available anytime March 23 to September 14)

April 20 Easter Sunday - No classes

May 4 Last day of classes for all except Confirmation groups (confirmation students will be advised by their Catechist leader when their classes end)

May 11 Mother's day - No classes

May 17 First communion group 1 rehearsal 10:00 am

May 18 First communion group 1 meet in church hall at 11:00 mass at noon

May 24 First communion group 2 rehearsal 10:00 am

May 25 First communion group 2 meet in church hall at 11:00 mass at noon

2014/2015 Classes begin September 21, 2014

Breakfast Nips with Santa

Fianl date to purchase tickets for our Breakfast with Santa and Children's Christmas concert is Sunday December 8, 2013. We will be selling tickets in the church hall from 9:30 till noon and after the noon mass. Please ensure you purchase your tickets in advance as we will not be able to sell tickets at the door.


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